Dark Chocolate-Dipped Stroopwafels and Wooden Canal Houses

This wooden canal house box is part of a limited series of four canal houses. 3Bros would like to take you on a tour through the canals and Amsterdam’s history.  The wooden canal house we have decorating our dark chocolate-dipped stroopwafels is similar to the houses from the 1500s.  These original wood canal houses led to improving building standards in Amsterdam.  Due to multiple fires caused by the combination of indoor fireplaces and wooden thatched roofs.  Currently, only two of these original structures exist today and one is an operational inn called “Het Aepjen” or the monkey still operates today.

What makes our Dark Chocolate Special?

Our 3Bros dark chocolate stroopwafels are the ultimate chocolate lover’s favorite! The best Dutch stroopwafel married the best BelgianChocolate-Dipped Stroopwafel

Chocolate to make this delicious treat. Sure to delight every palate! Our Dark Chocolate is made of high-quality cocoa beans as well as pure cocoa butter which is reflected in the renowned quality of Belgian chocolates.  We here at 3bros focus on using the highest quality of ingredients to bring you not only the best Stroopwafels but also an experience to remember.

Explore More 3Bros Canal Box Limited Series

Not only due the Canal boxes make a great gift, but they also make a very eye-catching collector’s piece.  Displaying these unique canal boxes filled with the highest quality stroopwafels is sure to be a conversation starter.  Why stop with just Dark Chocolate Dipped Stroopwafel in the Wooden Canal House, when you can collect all of the Canal Houses. Try our Delicious Classic StroopWafels Featured in the Stepped Gable and the Bell Gable Architecture style.  Also, try out Milk Chocolate Dipped Stroopwafel which is a feature in the Neck Gable Style of Architecture.


This is the 3Bros canal house box series for caramel and chocolate stroopwafels


Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4.75 × 3.75 × 5.88 in