Made FRESH in the USA

Fresh is Best

Most Americans who have had the pleasure of tasting stroopwafels don’t really know what they are missing! You may have had a stale package of imported cookies made months ago by a robotic machine many, many miles away.

At 3Bros we want you to taste the difference! Not only have we perfected the stroopwafel recipe, but we hand make our cookies right here in Fayetteville, Georgia, USA. And we get them to our customers fast.

‘Stroop’ is the Dutch word for ‘syrup’; but not typical breakfast syrup! Stroop is made from treacle (sugar beet molasses) and blended with cinnamon and other natural spices to perfect the ‘stroop’ spread inside an oversized, flat, crisp cookie.

Historically, the European term, treacle, was used by herbalists and apothecaries to describe a medicine, composed of many ingredients, that was used as an antidote treatment for poisons, snakebites, and various other ailments.

Did you know – that WINDMILLS are the universal symbol of life, serenity, resilience, self-sufficiency, and perseverance?

3BrosCookies was originally established as a family blending endeavor to facilitate the bonding of our three sons from different cultures and teach them valuable life skills. However, when our local community of multi-nationals smelled our cookies baking at the fresh market, they all wanted in!

I guess in America, one would say, ‘they sold like hot-cakes’!

We now employ high school and college students who love our product and enjoy our team focused business.