Dutch Stroopwafels

Pronunciation of Stroopwafel

We get asked a lot about how you should pronounce the word Stroopwafel. You will find the shortest answer to that question by listening to the soundbite. If you’re interested, read on below for more information about Dutch pronunciation in general.

For the linguists, here is the pronunciation key in IPA: [ˈstroːpʋaːfəl Give it a try 🙂

If you’re like most of us, watch this video for a quick, in-depth tutorial about the sounds in the Dutch language and how to pronounce them. Afterward, be sure to come back here and get some of our delicious US-made stroopwafels.

How to eat a Stroopwafel

Stroopwafels are best enjoyed when they’re warm. This makes the syrup come alive on your palate, releasing all of its flavor.

Stroopwafels are great with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Therefore, the traditional way to eat the stroopwafel is to place it on top of a cup of hot coffee, tea, or chocolate. Leave it for a minute or so to heat the waffle and slightly soften the syrup. This makes the waffle soft on the inside and somewhat crispy on the outside. Delicious!

You can also warm the stroopwafel in a microwave on high for 8 seconds.

History Behind the Stroopwafel

The stroopwafel originates from the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. It was first made during the late 18th century or early 19th century by a baker using leftovers from the bakery, such as breadcrumbs, which were sweetened with syrup.

One story ascribes the invention of the stroopwafel to the baker Gerard Kamphuisen, which would date the first stroopwafels somewhere between 1810, the year when he opened his bakery, and 1840, the year of the oldest known recipe for syrup waffles.

In the 19th century, there were around 100 syrup waffle bakers in Gouda, which was the only city in which they were made until 1870. After 1870 they were also made at parties and in markets outside the city of Gouda. In the 20th century, factories started to make stroopwafels. In 1960 there were 17 factories in Gouda alone, of which four are currently still open.

The traditional way to eat the stroopwafel is to place it on top of a cup of hot coffee, tea or chocolate. This heats the waffle and slightly softens the syrup making the waffle soft on one side and slightly crispy on the other. Delicious!