If you want to offer 3Bros stroopwafels to your customers, you have come to the right place! We try to make buying easy for you. For certain, wholesale cookies are the way to save money and get fresh stroopwafels that you will be proud to sell and serve.

Why choose stroopwafels as wholesale cookies for your business?

  1. Good for breakfast, snacks, coffee breaks and dessert
  2. Perfect pairing with any hot drink
  3. Delicious with ice cream
  4. Familiar idea (waffles) in an unfamiliar form
  5. Familiar idea (waffles) in an unfamiliar form
  6. Authentic reminder of European travels
  7. Growing market for Dutch caramel cookies
  8. Low price allows for a good profit margin.

Who loves our wholesale cookies?

Coffee shops Tea rooms Inns and B&Bs Gourmet shops Speciality gift stores Hospitality industry Convenience Stores And many more! Perhaps you are not sure how stroopwafels can fit your business model? Ask us how we’d incorporate the Dutch treat into your business plan. You’d be surprised at the ways that this simple snack is being used by a variety of businesses that serve food and by some that don’t!

Through our distributor: In the Southeast, our products are distributed by Perfect 10 Foods.

Through our 3Bros Webshop: Fill out the Wholesale Application form below to apply for a wholesale user account. We will respond within one work day and once approved you can order online and we will ship our products directly to you.

You can also find us on these online marketplaces: Faire, Tundra, HelloAbound, MeetMable. Orders placed on these marketplaces are sent to us and we will ship quickly and directly from our bakery.

NOTE: If you sign up for Faire, they will give you $200 off your first order of 3Bros products.

If you have any Questions, please let us know! We are here to help. Give us a call, or Contact Us. We will do our best to respond quickly!


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