Stroopwafel Fundraiser?

The most delicious way to fund your cause!

What sells better than stroopwafels? Nobody shuts the door to freshly made stroopwafels. Stroopwafels are not tied to a season so your stroopwafel fundraiser is always timed right. A stroopwafel fundraiser with 3Bros ensures the freshest cookies and is always a success!

Favorable Purchase Price

3Bros Stroopwafels loves to support tasty initiatives to raise money

Our stroopwafels are delightfully crisp and have a soft caramel filling. Everyone will want you to come back every year with our delicious fresh Dutch stroopwafels. Schools, churches and clubs sell our cookies door to door or at concession stands, markets and games. 3BrosCookies supports these fundraisers by offering stroopwafels at a favorable purchase price. So, right away you can count on a nice financial contribution to your cause.

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Tips on how to organize your stroopwafel fundraiser with success

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While stroopwafels were first made over 200 years ago in Holland, only recently have they become popular in America. While many people will have tried them before, only very few have had the experience of a truly fresh stroopwafel. Believe us, it makes a difference! 3Bros will be made to your order, with your organization’s logo attached!! So not only will you give your donors a special experience, they can read about your organization while enjoying their snack.

Please find below a suggestion on how to put a successful fundraiser together:

1. Convene a meeting of students or members and explain the objective of the stroopwafel fundraiser. If applicable, send a letter to the parents asking for volunteers.
Time needed: 1 day

2. Distribute instructions and order sheets to students or members. They can now go door to door to ask for orders or ask friends and family. Ask for payment up front so your fundraiser is secure. We suggest to have young children to be accompanied by one of the parents.
Time needed: 2 weeks

3. Summarize the order sheets and order the stroopwafels.
Time needed: 2 days

4. Deliver the stroopwafels to the donors. Suggestion: involve parents or members and students.
Time needed: 2 days

5. Convene the final meeting. Announce how many stroopwafels were sold, how much money was raised and how the funds will be used. Suggestion: award small prizes for the 3 best fundraisers.


We will gladly support your organization of your stroopwafel fundraiser. Please contact us for more information.

Calculate your fundraiser revenue


10$ 187.50
20$ 375.00
50$ 937.50
100$ 1,875.00
200$ 3,750.00

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