Private Events

Hot Stroopwafels baked LIVE on our Baking Cart

Whether in the streets of Amsterdam or anywhere else, if you have had the experience of biting into a stroopwafel right after it was made, you will know how good it is. The crunchy outside, the warm caramel inside and the flavor throughout are a delicious symphony on the palate. If you like the Stroopwafels from our packages, you will absolutely LOVE a hot stroopwafel made directly in front of you.

To see a Stroopwafel being made by hand is a big part of the attraction. Our baker will put dough on the iron and after about a minute, he/she will slice the Stroopwafel open and fill it with warm Caramel Syrup. YUM!!!

You now have the ability to book our stroopwafel baker. He or she will come to your site with the equipment and ingredients ready to churn out hot stroopwafels for you and your guests.

The base rate for an hour of stroopwafel baking is $400 and about 100 stroopwafels within 50 miles from our bakery in Fayetteville, GA. Additional charges based on mileage, time and number of stroopwafels apply. Please contact us here to receive a custom quote.