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Never Had Stroopwafels? You are in for a Treat

Perhaps you are Dutch, then you probably have eaten many stroopwafel over the years. After all, it is to the Dutch what the donut is to the American.  For those who have traveled in the Netherlands, stroopwafels are a sweet, sweet memory that they are longing to relive.

However, if you haven’t had one, you are about to start a new tradition. You are about to discover an everyday sweet for your cup of coffee. Or, you may be about to change your personal hot tea ritual to include a sweet morsel.  Even if it isn’t winter, you may decide to have a hot chocolate just to heat up your stroopwafel.  

You may be surprised you ever lived without this yummy treat in your life. With 3Bros, it will be easy to feed your new habit.  Frankly, it is so easy to order an 8-pack or a 6-package case. 

Maybe it will become the family tradition to gather together on a weekend morning and enjoy stroopwafels with a big breakfast. Or, just as likely, you’ll make these your breakfast on a weekday morning, giving yourself a treat before the workday begins.

Maybe you’ll make stroopwafel a fun part of the family reunion or a special treat for your office coworkers. Anyone can bring donuts, but who thinks ahead to bring the unique Dutch cookie that makes snacking so special?  That’ll be you! 

Made Fresh to Order

While we can’t bring the bakery to you, we can get our stroopwafels made and on their way to you quickly.  That’s as close as fresh to order as you can get in the U.S. 

If you are Dutch and living in America, we promise that 3Bros will be made to your high standards.  For everyone else, let us just say, that there is nothing like fresh stroopwafels.  And by nothing, we especially mean those imports that are made in a factory and shipped here. 

Stroopwafels from 3Bros is the closest thing you can get to the ones you’d buy from a Dutch bakery. That’s because our chief baker is Dutch, and he takes his job seriously.  

So contact us to learn more or place an order now. You have some new traditions to make, and we are here to help make it happen.