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Here’s what you need to know about us, our product line of stroopwafels, and our mission. If you are ready to make cookies Atlanta loves, you may be a good fit for our team. 3Bros Dutch Cookies Bakery is not a huge corporate enterprise. We are a family-run business that is serious about producing a quality product that is a rare commodity in the U.S. Stroopwafels are usually made overseas in a factory and shipped here. We are trying to change that! Among the qualities we look for in an employee, cooperation is near the top of the list. Efficiency, seriousness of purpose, and creativity are other desirable traits. Of course, honesty, cleanliness, and punctuality are critical to a person’s success in a bakery or anywhere! If you have experience in commercial kitchens or bakeries, that is always a plus. However, many of our applicants don’t have this type of experience. It’s another plus if you live in the Fayetteville, GA, area where our bakery is located. The Atlanta area is quite large, and it would be a long drive from many parts of the metro area.

What should you know about 3Bros Dutch Cookies Atlanta Bakery?

If you want to work with us, here are answers to some common questions. That should help you determine whether our company would be a good fit for you. What is a stroopwafel? It’s a Dutch treat -- a special caramel cookie with two thin wafers and a special syrup in the middle. These syrup waffles were created some 180 years ago. It is common to buy stroopwafels from bakeries along the streets of a busy town or city in the Netherlands. Are there actually 3Bros? Yes, there are actually three brothers. Their American Mom/Stepmom and their Dutch Dad/Stepdad wanted to create a business that brought the family together. They started making stroopwafels at Atlanta events and eventually decided to turn it into a business. Who orders stroopwafels? Basically, anyone in the U.S. can place an order from our website. While this includes many Dutch-Americans, there are plenty of people who have never been to the Netherlands who love the stroopwafel. How are 3Bros stroopwafels sold? The treats are made to order and shipped out quickly after orders are placed. They come in a variety of packs, providing affordable options and money-saving cases. Some of our customers have a cookie subscription so that they never run out of stroopwafels. What do 3Bros employees do? Our company runs a bakery, processes orders, and ships our products. We also bake stroopwafels at farmers markets and events. A typical employee is involved in one of these aspects of the business. Where is 3Bros Dutch Cookies located? Our bakery is located in Fayetteville, GA. Please fill out the employment application shown above to learn more. Thank you for your interest in 3Bros Dutch Cookies.